The Very Best Dad Jokes to the rescue

The winter viruses have returned. Not too pleased with our defeat of their first wave of troops, they’ve launched a sneaky counter-attack. Coughs and spew abound, they’ve got us pinned against the wall. This time around I’ve got something up my e-sleeve to help raise our spirits.

In my anti-sickness weapons inventory (aka iPad) I’ve got Tork’s The Very Best Dad Jokes e-book!

I’m not the greatest at making dad jokes. A little humour goes a long way when you and your family are recovering from illness. I tried giving it a go while making our morning coffee.

“Hey babe,” to Mrs Cbay, “what do you use to make luxury coffee?”


“Mercedes Beanz” (bonus points if you say this with a Filipino accent).

“Ha ha.” Mrs Cbay shook her head, cringing.

Score one for me! Not bad for my first original, I’d say, but I could definitely use some new material.

So it’s The Very Best Dad Jokes to the rescue! A fresh collection that’s sure to put a smile on your face and muster a groan or cringe (in the oh-so-bad-but-so-goooood way that only a dad joke can). I’ve found that humour helps to get though some challenging times – this eBook is a perfect companion.

And not only that, Father’s Day is coming up. So if you’re looking for a chuckle-inducing gift that can rival even your own dad’s corny jokes (because let’s face it, our dads have been making bad jokes for way longer than we have), this is a must-have for Father’s Day!

It’s actually on sale right this very moment, so grab your copy of The Very Best Dad Jokes eBook now over at Tork’s Blog. And a portion of the proceeds go towards the Little Heroes Foundation, a cause close to the author’s heart. This Tork guy, what a champ.

Have you got any bad/good dad jokes? Feel free to share them in the comments below!