The Battle Rages On – Fighting the Winter Viruses

It’s that time where the weather is relatively miserable compared to the rest of the year, and our bacterial enemies are having a great time doing their ‘thang… You know, causing fevers, ejecting a stomach’s contents, turning many noses into gloop fountains. And taking away taste and smell, what treachery! They made my homemade chicken nuggets taste worse than Krusty Brand Imitation Gruel! Or is it just that I can’t cook? I may have to seek more than my own opinion on this one.

Don’t underestimate the wretched evil bugs. Because once your immune system is down, they’ll march on in and wreak havoc. Tearing you apart from the inside, mocking you, testing your manhood, and finally consuming you like some kind of horrible gelatinous blob. Curse you, man flu, I shake my fist at thee!

H.G. Blob[image source]

The worst crime they commit though is infecting your children. When everyone tells you that kids will get sick because that’s normal, especially when they start going to daycare/kinder, you’d best believe them.

We’ve had a very challenging past few weeks. With Mrs Cbay returning to work and the boys starting at their new daycare, the stresses of everyone adjusting to new routines coupled with the doomy season has rendered our whole family virus-ridden. This juggling act is new to us, and like staring at a chocolate fondue fountain from outside a shop window, it has definitely been a true test of our patience and strength.

You may have had your own deadly encounter with the man flu, the effects of which are tenfold when your wife and kids are under the weather too – I would not even wish this on my worst enemy. Here’s a couple of things I learnt along the agonising path to recovery:

Water is your friend

Since humans are supposedly comprised of over 50% water, it only makes sense to fill yourself with more of that life-sustaining H-2-Ohyeaaah. Consume as much of it as you can, through tea, soups, stews, and Trisolians (don’t forget the royal oath).

Stay warm

It’s obvious in the winter season you need to stay physically warm. Make sure you wear layers to be able to don and shed them as you please, like some kind of magical self-temperature-regulating creature. I’ve also heard it may be a fashion thing to wear layers, although I’m not sure.

Hipster or Homeless?[image source]

Especially remember to stay warm in your approach to your family when you’re not feeling too great. It’s too easy to be selfish and cranky when you’re sick, so try and be mindful that your family may be feeling the same. I can’t imagine much worse than trying to nurture a sick and angry family. Do your best to keep a smile on your face, and you’re bound to get some smiles in return. In an ill household, a laugh and a cuddle goes a long way.

Keep fighting

Take comfort in knowing that this, too, shall pass. Now you go take that man flu, and fly kick it in the face. And when you’ve got that darn bug against the corner, sweep the leg. And finish him with a Fatality. Because you’re dad. You’re the best. Around. Nothin’s gonna ever keep you down.

(And here’s a modern interpretation if you want +2 Hipster points)