Beside You: A poem I wrote for my wife

When my (not yet) wife and I celebrated our engagement a few years back, I surprised her with a poem that I wrote.

Not content with just writing it, I decided to do something insane – I stood on a chair in front of our family and friends who had been there to celebrate with us, and read my poem out aloud. It was a huge deal for me because I’m not one to address crowds, but I figured, if I was going to have to say a wedding speech soon after, I’d have to get practicing 😉

Mike standing on a chair

To celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary (wow, already?!?!?!) this weekend, I thought I’d recite the same poem in honour of my beautiful, amazingly talented wife, the mother of our kids, my best friend. I hope this brings back many wonderful memories, and shines a light on our path to many more together. Happy Anniversary Mrs Cbay, I love you! 🙂

A cool note: the notebook is the original, complete with my terrible handwriting (which hasn’t changed a bit!)