Wagon Wednesday #2 – Skoda Wagons

Ok so I’ve got an obsession with family wagons, as you may have previously read about. Why? The way I see it,

Family Function + Form = Wagon = Awesome (for dads)

You could say I’m trying to bring the wagon back. (They were cool once, right? Right? Anyone?) Well, for starters, they fit lots of your baby / kids crap stuff in them, plus there’s even room for your own stuff. And they don’t have to look bad. So here’s a bunch of cool photos of wagons I’ve pinned on Pinterest. Skoda wagons (Octavias with a couple of Superbs thrown in) for the first instalment, because I love mine.

Octavia Wagon 90TSI

Go on, don’t be shy. Learn to love the wagon, dads. And for those who aren’t dads yet, well, you’ve got some inspiration for when it’s time.