My name is Mike. My friend Victor dubbed me as Cbay (pronounced ‘see-bay’) back in ’98. Popular belief dictates that it was a rip-off of eBay, but I like to believe it’s simply a shorthand version of my surname. Along the way I tried other monikers, but Cbay stuck.

I’m a generation Y husband, and proud dad of two. Just before the birth of my second son, I decided to start sharing my parenting journey. Shortly after, I changed the focus of my then music blog; I renamed it YDad – writing through the lens of a Gen Y dad who himself is “growing up”.

My wife and I have a passion for creativity, most of which is expressed through photography. We share this over at Cbay Creations.

I’m my own kind of geek – I’m a self-confessed scratch nerd, I’m obsessed with family wagons, and I can’t stop consuming coffee and chocolate.

Here’s a picture of me from a long time ago. Mouse-drawn by my brilliant wife, who, at the time, was not my wife yet.

mike cbay

I’ve been told I haven’t changed a bit.

During the day I create media for one of the universities in Sydney, Australia.

You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @mikecbay, and can visit the YDad Facebook page at